Business Smarts Suite

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The Business Smarts Suite includes three assessments developed to provide you with important business information on the overall activities in the business (Business Smarts Profile), in marketing initiatives (Marketing Smarts Profile), and in building a growth orientation (Strategic Smarts Profile). These assessments are one aspect of our overall Business Smarts Consulting services.

Business Smarts Consulting covers the following services:

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5


Assessment may include the Business Smarts Suite, interviews with key stakeholders, customer focus groups, and key trend analysis.


Analyzing all data sets, testing hypotheses, and report generation. Post assessment follow-up.


Creation of a detailed growth plan, inclusive of a strategic retreat, establishment of KPIs, key actions, and detailed action plan.


Action matrix for plan execution, deployment sessions, talent alignment, and organizational communication.


Monitoring KPIs, evaluation of goal achievement, plan adjustments, and plan renewal.