GroupLead Profile

Improve group decision making

GroupLead Profile is an assessment designed to improve group decision making. For the assessment and report to provide useful information, it is important to have every member of the group participate in the inventory.

Everyone in the decision group needs to understand this is a CONFIDENTIAL inventory and no individual results are reported. ONLY aggregate data averages of the group's ratings are provided in the report along with the unedited written comments that raters provide.

Price: $169 for each administration and report (Special COVID-19 Pricing to help with Restarting your Enterprise)



Overall Scales for GroupLead Profile
Overall Data Results for GroupLead Profile
Dimension Results for GroupLead Profile


Groups who plan to use GroupLead Profile need to follow a basic 1-2-3 series of steps to set up an account and launch the inventory.

Step 1
A representative of the group sets up the account by clicking on the "Create Account" button below. This individual should be prepared to pay for the inventory at the time of set up with a credit card. Also, this individual needs to have the email addresses of all members of the group who are participating in the inventory, preferably all members of the group.
Step 2
After setting up the account and entering the demographic and email data, click on "Launch the Inventory". Each member of the group will receive a unique link so that his or her data will go into the statistical engine that generates the report for your account. The individual who set up the account can check from time to time to see when individuals have completed the inventory and send an automatic reminder but cannot access individual data at any time.
Step 3
Once all member of the group have completed the inventory, the administrator of the account needs to click on "Generate the Report" and a GroupLead Report will be sent to the email address of everyone who completed the inventory.

About the Report

The GroupLead Report covers four mission critical dimensions of group decision making. Average ratings and individual comments for each dimension are provided in the report. The four dimensions are:

  • Strategic Perspectives:

    (A) Strategic Ability
    (B) Managing Strategic Propositions
    (C) Focusing on Priorities

  • Innovation Mindset:

    (D) Utilizing Ambiguity
    (E) Shifting Perspectives
    (F) Managing Vision and Purpose
    (G) Creating New and Different

  • Getting Things Done:

    (H) Making timely Quality Decisions
    (I) Managing Information
    (J) Measuring Progress

  • Working Together:

    (K) Sharing Commitments
    (L) Exhibiting Mutual Trust
    (M) Managing Conflict
    (N) Being Interpersonally Savvy
    (O) Navigating Political Dynamics


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NOTES: If your group needs a paper/mail process, please contact our office for special arrangements.

A facilitated discussion of the results is highly recommended. If you need a professional facilitator, please contact us.